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BFC Group is essentially the evolution of a stock broking company founded in late 1997 in Greece, with its headquarters in Thessaloniki.

Starting with a small number of clients, the company managed to reap significant goodwill during the stock exchange 'salad days' of 1998-1999 and to shield its clients to a great extent from the major losses of the 1999 crisis from September onwards.

While the stock exchange was being destroyed between 2000 and 2003, the company managed to absorb 11 other stock broking companies through its aggressive policy, expanding its portfolio and becoming a leader in the Greek stock exchange.

In 2007, predicting the country's future, the company relocated its business to Switzerland, establishing its headquarters in Zurich, and acting as an external associate - banking mediator for major Swiss banks, it referred its clients to asset management.

Today, the company operates an office providing customer services in Thessaloniki at 5, Aghiou Georgiou Street, in the Mediterranean Cosmos district.

At the same time, during its overall presence in Greece and its current presence in Switzerland, the company also functioned as a banking mediator for Greek banks, issuing a large number of consumer, residential, professional and other loans to its clients, and today it boasts a large clientèle of loan clients and a significant investment clientèle.


Today, being an important organisation and having ensured its sustainability through its large clientèle and its high-quality services, during the twilight of the country's economic growth, BFC Group is aspiring to finally evolve into a hub of services that can provide all its current and future clients with legal, accounting, consulting and other services, essentially covering the needs of every average family.

We are certain that this vision will come to fruition when permitted by the socio-political conditions and by Greek legislation.

This is the reason why this website was created.

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