"Why us"?

  • Because this is our job. This is what we studied and this has been our field of success for 20 years. Because we are not part-time accountants or insurers looking for extra income.
  • Because our staff are professionals of the sector, including former employees of the largest Swiss banks.
  • Because we will remain at your side even after your account has been opened and will responsibly and promptly provide you with the best possible services for the management of your account (balance information, transfers, issuance of cards - letters of guarantee, etc.). And all this at no additional cost or surcharge for you.
  • Because we are experts in the money market and will always be there to protect you, to make proposals, to give you ideas and to solve your problems.
  • Because our concern is and always will be for your relationship with your Bank to remain at the best possible level of cooperation, direct provision of services and safety.

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