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The political and financial circumstances in Greece and the major economic crisis that began in 2010, combined with the failure of the Greek banking system to inspire safety in its depositors, have create the need for a safe 'haven' for Greek depositors.

In the framework of our 8 years of presence in Switzerland and paying close attention to all the above, we are providing the opportunity to open a bank account at one of our associated Swiss banks. This serves the need for the safety of the deposits of Greek citizens in Switzerland, the hub of the global banking system.


    New clients who wish to open a bank account at a Swiss bank just have to take the following simple steps:
  1. Fill in the form with their personal details (available at the following link 'Fill in the form') and submit it to us along with a (colour) photocopy of their passport or identity card.
  2. Preparation of a brief client profile based on answers to our questions (see the file 'Client Profile') and submission to the company website. Instructions and the link to the Client Profile will be provided by e-mail immediately after the personal details form has been filled in.
  3. After 5-10 days, clients will receive the bank account opening contracts from us via post, which they must sign and return via post.
  4. Within 10-15 days, we will provide clients with the IBAN of the new account in a bank letter, which clients will later receive from the bank via post.
  5. With the letter stating the new IBAN, clients can visit the Greek banks they work with and transfer their funds to their new account in Switzerland.


  • Complete safety of bank deposits and protection from any socio-political - financial crisis in Greece.
  • Capability of Internet Banking.
  • Capability of issuance of a debit - credit card.
  • Capability of direct or indirect management, with significant benefits.


  • The only disadvantage of such a move would be that customers of Swiss banks cannot enjoy immediate access to their funds (withdrawal) as they would at the cashier of their Greek banks. Instead, access to their funds is provided in 3 days with a transfer from their Swiss bank account to their Greek bank account, which the clients themselves indicate following an order issued to their Swiss bank.

Price list - Charges

The cost of opening such an account for the client comes to €500 and is paid to the company following the provision of the IBAN by us and the dispatch of the relevant letter by the new bank to the client. The above cost can be reduced to zero if clients decided to participate in direct or indirect management of their funds. For further information, contact us here.

The cost for the maintenance - management of the account comes to 0.9% per annum, payable to the bank in 4 equal quarterly instalments each year. However, this cost can also be skipped if the conditions presented above apply. For further information, contact us here. The interest rate for bank deposits in Switzerland is 0%.

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