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«We are here to assist you in all your problems of an economic nature. We offer services unique, almost 20 years experience spirit onto the market and investment, and our services will always be at the best price you could ever find»

About the company How we handle private investment capital for direct profitability

Paul Braddy

"We are here to tell you the raw truth, exactly as it is and not as you would like it to be or as certain people may try to convince you it is, serving their own purposes and interests." Investment consultant

Johanna Carrey

"We will speak to you in simple, everyday words, and will not confuse you with complex terminology. After speaking to us, even the most complex financial issue will become fully comprehensible to you. We will answer any question and provide you with direct advice on any issue that concerns you." Private investment capital consultant

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Cosmos Offices, 5, Aghiou Georgiou Street
1st floor, office ΑΑ2
PO Box 8015

«Patriarchiko» of Pylea-Thermi GR-57001

Tel No. : 2310.383.090
Fax No. : 2310.383.093

We are available from 10am until 6pm. (EET)


Paul Braddy

«We have set up a cutting-edge website so that you can contact us directly and share any concern you may have from the comfort of your home. It is our concern to ensure that your life's work is supported by the best and safest investment and financial management team.» CEO

Johanna Carrey

«Our advice will always be FREE, so never hesitate to contact us. We are always available to reach via telephone call, e-mail, chat or online video conference and will respond to you promptly.» Customer support

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